Saturday, January 2, 2010

'Jaz' by Mel Nusbaum

Mel Nusbaum sent this video he created about jazz. Mel's been a jazz fan since he was a kid growing up in Chicago. He started out as a guitar player, listening to Gene Ammons, Howlin Wolf and John Coltrane. He saw Miles at the Plugged Nickel, saw Wes Mongomery. His own playing has led him to playing Latin, funk, straight jazz, free jazz, and "things in between with more cool musicians," he said.

"I still love music but not the music business, which has never been good to me financially," Mel wrote. "Now I'm playing piano too, making poetry, composing tunes, doing creative projects with my hands, and making little videos. I'm working on one now about Chicago Blues to back up my illuminated collage about Maxwell Street that's on my web site." (Click here to go to his site)

Mel wrote intention in the video is to "portray the many sides of jazz and the jazz world and what jazz means to me."

See if you don't dig it, too.

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