Friday, April 17, 2009

Debate ragin' for New Orleans festival cajuns

This week, Mac Rubinack ... aka, Dr. John ... was seen on Youtube expressing support for a plane that will be flying over next week's New Orleans Jazz Festival protesting Shell Oil Co.' s sponsorship of the event ... and oil exploration in Southern Louisiana.
Then, the good doctor had to issue a retraction, claiming he was exhausted and apologizing for reading someone else's words. In the retraction, Rubinack praises Shell for its sponsorship of the festival.
Oil is a big deal in Louisiana, and oil money does pay a lot of wages and for a lot of events in the region. It also is destroying the wetlands and environment.
The New Orleans festival is certainly the mac-daddy grandest of all festivals, probably in no small part due to the corporate largesse -- check out the schedule - there's almost 60 acts the first day.
No doubt many of the musicians are as conflicted as Dr. John. Maybe that's just part of the gumbo that makes New Orleans so damn funky, too.

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  1. Shell stepped up for New Orleans post Katrina. ItSTAYED in the city when many other companies left. They also put up the money so Jazz Fest 2006 could take place. I have no connection to the company. I found this information from a post K show on CNN. I think someone filled Dr. John in on this and THAT is why he changed his tune.