Monday, April 27, 2009

Finding a surprise on Saturday night

Last week, I mentioned Julian Lage and Tal Wilkenfeld, a couple of up-and-coming musicians who have been getting lots of attention and press. Saturday, I witnessed an impressive performance by some talented local youth while out and about in Princeton.
Unfortunately, I didn't catch the names of the keyboard-flugelhorn-drums lineup -- they were playing at the Carousel Luncheonette, as part of an event for the Princeton Young Achievers.
But they did a terrific job, listening and responding to each other. They played well, like mature musicians, although I don't think any of the trio I heard was more than 20 years old. Their arrangements on standards were tasteful and creative, and void of the usual over-playing young and inexperienced players often give.
I'll keep an eye out for these musicians -- and so should you -- they may be among the future stars.

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